Ring Video 2 Short Battery Life (Only 2 months old !)

I fitted our new doorbell 2 in Feb/March of this year, the app indicated low battery after about 8 weeks, since I fully recharged it it now only lasts for about 3 days before it needs charging again. I read that a long event list could cause a quick discharge (can’t see how that can be.) so I deleted all events and recharged but as expected it was flat again within 3 days. From what I’ve found via researching this is a very common problem but I haven’t found a fix. I sit time to send it back ? When its working its quite good (a bit of a lapse on connecting with the app when someone rings it but does seem better with the Ring Rapid app. Any help greatfully received. Thanks.

Hi @Banzeta. A Ring Video Doorbell 2 only having a battery that lasts about 3 days is definitely something to be concerned about. When you took the battery out to charge it, how long did you leave it on the charger? Normally it needs about 8 hours to charge, but once the light is just green and not green and amber, then you know you’re good to go! I’m sure you’ve covered this, but wanted to make sure.

When it comes to the event history, it’s not so much having a long log of events, but the amount of events that are coming through. Every time you have a ding, motion and Live View event, this will use up your battery life. Generally, normal activity that shouldn’t put too much of a strain on the battery will be about 10 events a day. Have you noticed an increase in events per day? If you can, let me know how many events you have a day on average as this will help dissect it further! From there, I can help you with adjusting your motion sensitivity to see if we can bring down the excessive motion. Hope to hear back from you soon! :slight_smile:

Hi Chelsea, thanks veryn much for your reply. Regarding the charging of the battery I definitely refitted it after at least 8 hours and with the orange charge light out (green only lit). As far as the motion sensing I was getting too many notifications when I first fitted it (before its first recharge) so I reduced the sensing zones and now get a lot less. I refitted the battery last night after a full charge (about 10pm), it hasn’t activated or sensed anything since and the battery is all ready down to 90% (less than 12 hours). If anything the amount of activation and motion sensing has been a lot less since I first fitted it due to re-setting the zones but as I previously said the battery initially lasted about 2-3 months which was great but after its first recharge its now only 3-4 days.

Thanks for your help.

@Banzeta Awesome, and thank you for that information! I’m happy to hear you were able to refine your motion settings so that they were optimal, but sorry to hear that discharge is still happening rapidly. At this point, I would recommend to reach out to our support team via phone here. They can do a more in-depth analysis of your device to make sure there isn’t any other concerns with the device that could be causing this, and see if a replacement battery may just be what you need! :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m having the same issue.

We installed 2 Ring Doorbell 2 units last winter. One is hardwired, so battery life hasn’t been an issue.

It’s the back door unit, which has no wired power available, that’s running on a battery. The unit is mounted on a foam-core steel outside door. This is why it operates on a battery.

I’m about to cobble together an installation for a transformer and resistor, but I’d really like to know why this has just started happening, when the weather is WARMER!

In the cold weather over the northern IL winter, I got about 35-45 days on a battery before recharging was needed. Way less than we were told to expect, but hey, I never believe those claims.

But now that the weather is more reasonable (average in the 50’s) it’s draining FASTER! I changed it this Monday, and it’s already down to 75%. I’ve had to recharge every couple of weeks at best, and in a couple of cases, a little over a week. (Yes, I’m fully charging the battery until the charging light goes off.)

What is up with that?

I have an average of 4 events a day, almost no live video use, HDR is off, RSSI is -44 with a WiFi repeater about 10 feet away.

It can sometimes take up to 10 minutes to get a motion alert, so those are basically worthless but the main reason I bought these was for motion sensing, and I’ve been reluctant to turn OFF Motion Alerts. (We get about 2 a day.)

I’m also having a problem with VERY slow response times on both, but I’ll save that for another post.

Hi, I’ve tried contacting the UK number and all I get is constant music playing to me. Can you just send me a new battery if I forward you my details please ?