Ring version 1 compatibility with OEM (Ring) plug in adapter

I just bought a Ring v1 (720p version) and I purchased the White oem plug-in adapter for it so I could hardwire it and not have to charge it however it never goes past 93% even if it hasn’t been used for several days. The instructions for the doorbell say that ac voltage must be between 18v and 24v AC and the adapter is rated at 24v ac and also I thought if I used Ring’s own power adapter everything would be fine but it will not go past 93% and if I check live view a few times it goes down to 92% and takes 2 days to go up 1%. What am I doing wrong? Also, I live in central Florida and it’s been pretty warm so battery health should be good and Device Health is good. Included a picture of the power adapter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Hey @Waylander! This power supply should certainly help charge the Video Doorbell battery. Check out ourCommunity post about battery draining for tips on improving battery life. As this is the Video Doorbell classic version, please ensure the wires are attached to the mounting bracket and that there is no warping or debris interfering with the contacts between the bracket and the Doorbell. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I have done all of that with no change. What’s next? Having to keep bringing my Video Doorbell inside to charge it when it’s hardwired is not acceptable when the device is less than 2 months old and has had this charging problem from the begining. I have completely disable all motion detecting and my doorbell doesn’t get used hardly at all. Please note that Ring System Status and Device Health Report has always been fine with no issues.

Im having the same issue. My Ring doorbell is hardwired. It used to work great and full charge for like a year but suddenly the battery doesnt charge above 92%.