Ring using mobile data AGAIN

I saw a previous post saying how the app was using mobile data instead of wifi. Someone reported they updated to version 3.48.0 and the issue was resolved. I am on version 3.52.0 and currently experiencing this problem.

As soon as I open my device (wired doorbell) my phone switches from wifi to 4G. As soon as I close the app it goes back to wifi. Funnily enough, despite having good signal I get a really jittery video.

Has the previous bug been re-incarnated?
Has some junior dev badly merged a branch?

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Hi @TedTrippin. What type of phone are you using and what OS is installed? If possible, can you share a screen recording of this happening? Once I have this information, I can have my team take a closer look. Thanks, neighbor.

Posted in the other thread on January 3rd. (Ring App using mobile data while connected to Wi-Fi - #39 by erichusted) Still have the same issue today.

Ring app uses mobile data, even when connected to wi-fi, while having ‘Live View’ open.

Here is a video showing that it only happens during Live View: