Ring update and gen 1 Chime pro disabled

Anyone else noticed that their cameras working with gen 1 chime pro have mysteriously gone offline?

Ironically I pulled out an unused chime pro and fired it up, managed to get one camera connected, then bam, it goes into update mode and now it too will no longer connect. I’t says that the network strength isn’t strong enough. But it’s direct line of sight to the router 12 feet away. Funny how it worked just moments before that “update”

Seems to me ring’s latest update bricked the gen1 chime pros.

Not impressed! I think ring owes us an explanation!

Hi @user8757. Can you please clarify which device is offline or not working, your Security Camera or your Chime Pro? Have you tried any troubleshooting steps to reconnect your device to wifi? Feel free to attach any screenshots from the Ring App to demonstrate what you’re seeing on your end.

Yes! I’ve been seeing the same thing. Motion alert is still getting recorded/reported but no video or live feed available… 2x solar floodlight cams and one hardwired floodlight cam. Power cycle of chime appears to help for a while but then they drop the connection again after some time.