Ring unable to work with powerpack

Hi I installed the ring pro and updated the transformer to 16v 30am as reccomended. The ring starts up and charges then works for a bit and then shuts off. I did not install the power pack because the wiring in my chime box is different then what any instructions show. Pic below. I have the power pack put into bypass and plan to install it later today but I have no idea which wires I need to hook up. The person who wired the condo used 2 sets of wires for one doorbell. I believe one white wire AND one red wire are going to the transformer and one white and one red is coming from the doorbell. I do not have a second doorbell. My question is what wires do I need to put the power pack onto in order to get power to the ring. If I leave the setup default without the power pack it works for a bit then loses voltage. Please help. In the chime pic below, one red wire is hooked up to the front screw and one is hooked up the rear screw. Both white wires are tied together. It’s the only way power will get to it. If I remove either red wire the power cuts out. If I remove either white wire the power cuts out. Not sure where to stick the power pack to get the ring power. If I put it on the front screw and tie it into the white wires I lose all power. Also the pic of the transformer is old, I have a 16v 30a trans hooked up in the same setup.

Thank you for these picture examples @Ruthless937! The transformer rating is perfect for operating a Video Doorbell Pro and chime kit. Generally, one wire from the “trans” terminal and one wire from the “front” terminal, on the chime kit, will need to be connected to the Pro Power Kit. The Pro Power Kit wires will then, of course, attached back to that “trans” and “front” terminal.

As there are additional wires there, it looks like potentially setup for an existing rear door, you will likely not use these wires for your Pro installation. I do recommend confirming that your chime kit is on our Chime Compatibility list. Check out also, our help center article on installing the Pro Power Kit for more tips on doing so.

If power flow is still not sufficient to your Video Doorbell Pro after trying the above, check back here for any neighbors who might have some advice, or even with your electrician. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: