Ring Transformer delivering 30 volts

Installed Ring Pro doorbell and the health says danger and 30 volts getting to device.

I have connected the transformer to the 16-24 volt connections. How can this be?

Check the specifications of the transformer. Make sure it’s rated 16-24VAC preferably 30 or 40VA. Did you install the Pro Power kit that came with the doorbell? It’s only required if you have a standard doorbell chime, but it’s also recommended to install without a chime as it helps to balance voltage overall. If the transformer label is within this range, however it is outputting 30VAC under the load the doorbell draws, then it’s likely a defective transformer. Replace it.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the response. The transformer is branded Ring and is rated 16-24 VAC and 30VA.

I will replace it.

Spoke to electrician and he says a 24 AC transformer under limited load would more than likely register 30 V. The 24 AC rating is based on a given load, higher than a doorbell in standby. The electrician says theres nothing wrong with the transformer.