Ring SUX - Where is my order and support

I placed an order for a Ring Alarm System on Aug 30. I received a partial order in Sept. I called back many times and had to fight to prove I did not received the complete order. Finally it was determined that the Flood / Freeze alarms were on backordered and Ring did NOT ship with the original order. I was then told the missing Flood / Freeze alarms would be sent FedEx overnight, this was 9/30. Today is 10/12, I still did not get the order. I called back and was told a whole bunch of BS, and ofcourse, Ring Supports points the finger and blames it at other Rings department. As a customer, I don’t give a crap about the finger pointing between Ring departments, it is Ring.


Chat is not working; cannot connect via chat.

I cannot respond to previous emails because it is NoReply email.

I tried emailing support and no replies so far, email does not support order status.

I called the support center and got a whole bunch of BS from the overseas agents with broken headsets. I asked for the supervisor, agent puts me onhold for 10 minutes and comes back to tell me supervisors are not available.


One additional thing - If a Ring cannot even get their act together, or have available representative on the phone, can you really trust them to monitor your home security system???

Hey @KCNJ. Thank you for your feedback here. I apologize that you have been having some delays getting this item delivered to you since we have been temporarily out of stock of it. This is not the experience that we want our neighbors to have, so I recommend following up again with our support team if you’re still unsure of when you will receive this and did not get an official answer on the phone.

Please note that email support has not been available for quite some time, which is why you receive a No Reply when emailing in. In addition, chat will recommend you self-service resources and have limited support, which results in you having to call in. When phoning into support, I recommend pressing option #4 for more information on your Ring order status, after selecting 1 for English.

This should ensure you get in touch with our billing and shipping department, who should be able to get you the best date of when this item will be restocked, and it sounds like it will be shipped overnight when it is restocked. I recommend confirming this before you get off of the phone with then. Again, my apologizes that you’ve had this experience and I appreciate you sharing this with us here.

Spoke to Issac on Monday, he voided the backorder from August and recreated a new order. I was told the new order will get shipped Tuesday, and Fedex overnight.

Nothing received Wednesday, not a surprised.

Received an email from Zach indicating the order was not shipped, I replied and never heard back from anyone at Ring.

This is an order from August! Can Ring get their act together and get the order sent?

Anyone experiening these Ring logistics issues?

I’m having the same problem. I cannot get anyone to help me.