Ring Support

So, back in October 2019, my Ring doorbell 2 failed. I knew it had failed after I had purchased another battery and installed it. It still did not work. I called Customer Support in November and they verified that the door bell 2 was broken. It was also out of warranty. The customer support rep said that they would give me a $100.00 off of a new Ring 2 or I could purchase one during the holiday sales events for around $70.00 off. So I waited till after the sales. I called the service rep again today to find out how to get the $100.00 off on my next purchase for the Ring 2. I was told I was sent an email back on Novemebr 11th with the discount code. I checked my emails and found it. The discount was for $50.00. I could have bought it $30.00 cheaper during the sales. It’s unfortunate that Ring customer support will lie to you about things like this, because I really did like the Ring 2, but I won’t be purchasing another one now.

Bottom line, if you call customer support, and they tell you one thing, make sure you check your emails. I learned the hard way.

I will be finding a different video doorbell to buy now.