Ring Support is Useless (both via chat and via telephone)

Cannot get my outdoor ring floodlight wired devices (2 of them) setup; had them setup properly for the past ~12-months; threw away the boxes and all documentation once they were setup. Something happened and they both went offline and off my account. Now am trying to set them up again. Of course I do not know the five digit QR codes as I have to get on a ladder about 13 feet in the air to find them on the devices and am not in physical shape to do that. Texted ring support to now help (waste of time). The only help the text people did give was faith that, if I call the ring phone based support center, i would get help. Asked the text person if that is true or not or if that call would just be a waste of time also and they reassured me the phone people would help me get setup. I called the phone based support center and same story. They cannot/will not help me. All they keep asking me for is the five-digit QR code off the box which i keep telling them I no longer have since I threw the boxes away over a year ago. So they say look at the back of my device and tell them the number. I then remind them I am physical impaired and cannot get up to the device to see the number (if I could I would never have had to call them). Worthless. Ring knows i purchased the device from them but cannot help me support it.

You spend good money on ring devices only to not get support from Ring. Guy on the phone with me alluded to “things have changed since Amazon purchased us.”

Hi @user65167. In order to connect the device to WiFi, you’ll need to the QR code and 5 digit pin. If you are physically unable to see this information, you’ll need to reach out to a qualified electrician or a family member.

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