Ring sucks as do the video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbells sucks, y’all. DO NOT purchase one of these - not worth the money or heartache.

The plan they offer isn’t bad - $100/yr. However, I can’t afford a plan now and my truck was broken into this am. Ring says no video exists.

I call #BullF*ckingPoop. I don’t believe ANY company deletes data. Ring’s entire business model relies on a network of Ring products to piece together crimes.

Get a complete system with 1TB hard drive AND 8 cameras. Pay $200 - 1 time and no more hassle.

#YouSuck @Ring All I wanted was a still of the guy so I can recognize him when he walks by. I am sure this guy is local to the neighborhood.

Here is a page filled with MUCH better solutions for less than the price of my 2 - Ring Video Doorbell2’s.



I guess your handle fits perfectly for someone that in the dark to read. One doorbell is $30 a year. You’re childish rant means nothing. Grow up and get real…

Hi @Black - sorry to hear about your car. In order to view any past video you will need a current subscription. All information about our Protect Plans can be found on our support page, here. However, even if you do not have a video of the suspect I suggest posting it on the Neighbors App. Are you familiar with the Neighbors App? You can post a description as to what happened and people in your community are able to comment back with any information. I highly recommend giving it a shot, if you feel this guy is local to the neighborhood. If it happened to you, it could have happened to your neighbor and the more information collected the better. Hope this helps, thanks!

Agreed… I wanted a video feed from my front door so that I don’t have to go down three flights of stairs to get a look at what is out there. I didn’t care about storing video AT ALL. The programming of the Ring unit STOPS ME FROM SEEING LIVE VIDEO IF THE UNIT IS ACTIVATED BY SOMETHING!!! WTF is THAT all about??? All I get is “live video has ended”… that’s a programming thing which mean THEY DID THIS ON PURPOSE!

Doesn’t help that every update breaks it

I don’t like hearing when anyone has things stolen or something wrong happens. It’s especially awful when you thought you were protected by a security system!
My ring videos at night used to stink also!
I changed my front porch light bulbs to LED bulbs and from 2700K (cheap and yellow hue) to 5000K (daylight & CRI is 80+) and now it records everything in color and I can see every detail!
Paying even $30 a year is absurd when you can store recordings in the cloud for free. Ring should give us a few MB for free first and I am searching for a new video doorbell that uses an SD card so I can save $30/year or perhaps I’ll get a good hardwired system that records to a hard drive. Security is very important but I’m tired of paying for a little thing hear and a little thing there. It adds up!
Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

I agree. Wyze has been much better for us.

I agree also. I’m contemplating replacing my Ring doorbell and camera with Wyze. I just need to go back 1-2 days and would prefer to store the videos locally, I don’t want to be forced to paying for a subscription plan just to store videos to the cloud.

Exactly, ring saves your personal private data on some far away companies server, open to prying eyes. With Blink, Amazon’s other security system, it lets YOU the OWNER of your life’s personal data be SAVED on a USB memory stick that YOU control, not some company! NO SUBSCRIPTION AT ALL! I own the blink system and I’m very happy, satisfied with it. Get Blink same features and it puts YOU in Control!