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Hi, I have ring video doorbell pro, it stopped working on the 18th, it won’t connect to wifi anymore, it says unable to join the network, when I press the button on the side, the white light turns on spining for one round then it stops and blue light blinks then it completely stops, not sure what happened with this, was there a firmware update that rendered this unit to a brick? The voltage from transformer is around 21V when checked with a multimeter, the last reported voltage in app is also good, the last reported signal strength was RSSI-41

I see several people have had similar problems around 10/18. My Ring DB Pro stopped working on the 18th also. I am wondering if something within the Ring system (update or the like) may have caused this problem to occur.

Mine is connected, but I cannot view events either on the ipad or online. Something is wrong with their site. How does onee contact them?

Mine stopped working on the 17th. It will not re-enter setup mode. If I hold the button long enough, it will reboot then slowly pulse white, but pressing the button the side does nothing. I also tried disconnecting the cables and reconnecting, still nothing. Support was no help–asking me to take pictures of my transformer, whatever the hell that is.

My ring received an update on 10/16 and hasn’t worked since noon on 10/17. No lights, no response when trying to do a hard reset, no response after modem reboot.

Hi All, it seems this update has caused mine to stop working as well. Ring does not have a good customer service when it comes to technical things like this. The unit is completely dead, it would just briefly blink and stop completely. I checked the transformer with a multimeter and I am getting around 21V, even though ring says this should work on 16v to 24V transformers, at first I thought my transformer went bad, but it seems that was not the case, would any ring represantative ever come comment here and let us know how to fix this? I get a lot of packages and need this ring to work everyday and it’s been down for the past few days and I’ve been missing the delivery drivers.

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transformer is the piece the converts the 120v to 16V or 24V ac for this ring to work, consider it to be an adapter for it. it looks something like this:


The customer service would just give you the run around, since this is a specific problem which is most likely related to an update, I can’t even connect the unit to ring network, There is a usb port on the side of the unit. not sure if anything can be done from there.

My ring pro stopped working 10/18 as well. I’m unable to connect to the ring wifi network at all from any device which essentially means it dead in terms of video. Ironically enough it still rings the house doorbell when pressed.

It is pretty clear Ring has done something, wish they’d be more transparent about it.

Ok guys, I contacted ring, and they are sending me a replacement unit, even though my unit was out of warranty, because I tried everything and it wasn’t working. I told them that unit stopped working after the update on the 18th, and that I posted in this forum and few other people are having the same issue, they will tell you to hold the button for 20 seconds and then try to set it up again, but white light spins once and then blue light blinks and it turns off, then she didn’t try to give me run around more, if you are having the same issue, tell them transformer is fine and unit was working fine before that, and hopefully your unit will get exchanged as well. good luck


Sorry to see so many of you experiencing this concern! I recommend starting with a power cycle on the device, if possible (remove from power, reapply). It’s always best to check the Device Health readings in the Ring app as well, to ensure power and wifi connections are sufficient for operation.

If these steps did not resolve your concerns, please reach out to support team, at 800-656-1918, for more specific and in depth troubleshooting. :slight_smile:

mine stopped working Oct 15. There is 19v going to the device, no lights or power at all. The first one I installed was dead, so this is our second one. We’ve had it for just over 2 years and it’s mysteriously stopped working 4 or 5 times. Never buying a Ring product again.

From what I read around, although ring says these will work on 16v t o24V transformer, you get the best result on the 24V transformer, I have came across many other people that when they were using transformers with lower voltages, they kept encountering issues, but with 24V it was working flawlessly.

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My Ring2 suddently stopped working. I believe I have had it about a year. I just happened to notice the blue ring circling and circling, and did not notice until a day or so later that my Ring was not working. The doorbell does ring when pushed, but no motion is detected. Since so many people seem to have this issue I wonder if it is related to the subscription service? I am inclined to agree with some others that Ring is responsible.

Same thing happened to me. I could not reset my device successfully. I called Ring customer service. Their only response was ‘Your device is out of warranty and your firmware cannot be updated.’

Well, it’s time for me to go with a Nest doorbell. Goodbye, Ring and Facebook (if you didn’t know, Facebook owns Ring)!

Sorry to hear about your experience @Mike_G. If a reset is not working on your Ring device, the best next step will be to check power. A battery powered device would merely need to be charged. If you have a Doorbell Pro, I recommend checking the wiring, transformer rating, and Pro Power Kit installation.

Regarding warranty, our Protect Plus Plans offer an extended warranty that remains in place as long as your Protect Plus is subscribed, and not cancelled.

We would like to also clarify, Ring is not owned by Facebook, but we are here to help you access the full benefits of your Ring device.

Thanks so much for your post. Ours stopped on 8/14 and am hoping they will honor the same for us. I will call them today.

Thanks again!!!

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