Ring stopped working

I have an original version ring that has all the sudden stopped working. It works for a few hours and then goes offline. When I try an charge it, the light ring illuminates all white. The device health screen says that it is powered by the battery and it is always at 70%. I have pushed the orange button to put it into set-up mode, but it doesn’t enter and holding the orange button for 15 seconds doesn’t seem to reset it. I was able to get it to work for a little while after setting it up again but then it disconnects.
Any help is appreciated

Hi @Santiki. For a full reset of the Doorbell you will need to hold the setup button for 30 seconds in comparison to 15 seconds. If this happens again, please hold for the 30 seconds and see if it resolves itself for future! Although, if this continues to happen, please reach out to our support team here for more in-depth troubleshooting.

Holding the button down for 30 seconds does nothing to reset the unit. When plugged into USB power, the ring illuminates a solid white. App says it is online, but pressing the doorbell button does nothing, other than sometimes producing an audible click from inside of the unit, like an electrical relay. Not sure what else to try???

@Santiki Thanks for getting back to me and I’m sorry to hear that those steps still have not worked for you. I recommend to reach out to our support team here so they can take a deeper look into this. Let me know how it goes!