Ring stopped charging or ringing mechanical chime, found a fix

I know many of you had this problem, because I searched and found no solution. Ring support seems to be clueless on this as well.
One day, after years of ownership, I suddenly got a “low battery” notification on my Ring doorbell. Forgot about it for a while until I realized our old-school electromechanical door chime was no longer working.
I checked everything. The transformer was putting out good power. The old school chime worked when I manually crossed the wires. When I removed the Ring battery and charged it via usb, it went to 100% just fine that way. But in the Ring app, it was showing the power status as “Battery”
So, I went a step further and tested the two terminals on the back of the Ring itself. Got no resistence. So I took the back cover off and tested the terminals on the motherboard. I got some resistance on those just fine.
It was clear the external wiring terminals were not making contact with the mainboard inside. So I built up a little solder on the inside of the screw terminals, and put it all back together.
Sure enough, my Ring app is now showing the power status as “Hardwired” and the old school chime dings when I press the Ring button.
My guess is that the terminal connectors on the mainboard (they are spring loaded) lost their “springiness” over time and stopped pressing against the exterior screw connectors. Major design flaw that was given no consideration.
Hopefully this helps someone.

Hi @hausjam. Thank you for sharing this feedback and I will certainly be sharing this with the appropriate team.