Ring Stickup Cam (battery) missing motion bad product

I am getting very frustrated with the Ring stickup camera. It detects motion on the street but won’t detect my car, forget humans approaching my drive way.
It fails to record my car leaving the garage, and coming back in. But will record motion of cars that pass by my quite street.
I have spent over 4 hours on the ring help line to get a resolution.
The 1st time I called
Their level1 support, after spending 2 hours couldn’t figure, it out. They refused to transfer me to the Level2 guys and told me that the devise is faulty. They send me a replacement and consider the issue “resolved”
I setup the new devise, and the problem still persisted. I called again spent an hour with level1 going over the same steps, rebooting and resetting the device. The issue still persisted.
Their resolution again was to offer me a replacement device. I told them that this is the replacement device and insisted that they transfer me to L2 support.
After lot of back and forth, finally got to L2. Spent another 1 testing walking past server times with no Improvements.
The L2 technician, couldn’t figure it out as well and then started proposing random theory’s of my body heat being low vs joggers passing by with higher body heat. Then of course, internet connectivity was blamed. However all this time it still kept missing me waking into my driveway.
Finally L2 tech told me to wait 72 hours for the new settings to get “acclimated” and call back any time if issues.
Well it’s been a few days since and it’s still continues to miss motion. I am very frustrated with this and hoping that someone can provide a resolution. I have 3 of the stickup cameras, which I am stuck with.

Hi @rachitd7. Thanks for sharing details on what you’ve tried as well as feedback on your experience with our support team. It sounds like you may want to try adjusting the placement of the Stick Up Cam, as the angle and placement of it can affect what motion is and isn’t picked up consistently. You can reference our Help Center Article here, which covers the proper positioning for the Stick Up Cam. If you’re finding that it’s always picking up motion farther out in the street, try lowering the mounting height or angling its view down more so the street is not in its direct line of sight. I hope you find this information helpful. :slight_smile: