Ring stick up, what mode though?

I’ve got a gen 3 Ring stick up battery, I’ve thought about using a DC power cable to keep plugged in, as the settings I want can chew threw the battery.
Is it best to keep it in battery or wired mode with the DC adapter? Any thoughts? The Ring website mentions about but doesn’t give any advice as to what m might be best…

I’ve noticed If it’s in battery mode & you remove the battery (even when the device recognises another power source) the camera will shutdown. If you have it in wired mode and remove the plug the device continues, at no point though does it tell you your battery percentage… which isn 't helpful at all, as the battery acts as backup, how do you know when you need to change it?

I configure my Stick Up Cam Battery devices that are plugged in in battery mode. If there is a power outage, I want it to preserve as much battery as possible.