Ring Stick Up Minimum Focus Distance

Anyone know what the minimum focus distance is for the Ring Stick Up? In other words, how close can something be to the camera and still be in focus?

Hi @user41737. There isn’t a specific range at which something will or will not be in focus. Things farther away from the Stick Up Cam will be harder for it to focus on.

Incorrect. Things farther away will be in focus, they will just look smaller. I’ve tried using the stick up cams for bird feeder watching and they don’t work well for close up observing. They start getting blurry at around three or four feet and get more blurry the closer you get. This is especially not helpful for this use because the cameras are intentionally designed with a wide angle lens for the purpose of security viewing. Moving the camera further away from a small close object, like a bird feeder makes the image more focused but the resolution decreases since the camera has that wide angle. If there was some kind of lens you could attach to the camera to make it better for up close studying and observing I’d like to know about it.

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