Ring Stick Up Camera Wired (3rd)

My ring camera used to work great with the Wi-Fi system. We updated our Wi-Fi to a different router so the SSID has changed. I went to change it on the Ring app and every single time it says it feels to connect to the Wi-Fi. It is got full coverage, it’s nearby the router, I’ve reset it multiple times, unplugged it, reset the router. I don’t know what else to do. Does anyone have a solution?

Hey @Jcamp057. You may need to adjust the network settings on the router to allow your Ring devices to connect since this is a new network system that you installed. Please verify you have all ports and protocols opened and adjusted on your network by following our Help Center Article here. You can also reach out to our ISP who can help with these changes. Let me know if you’re able to finish the setup after making these changes! :slight_smile: