Ring stick up camera problem

I went into my ring account this morning to view my camera footage and got the following message "Camera is using a modern video format called HEVC that is not supported on this browser. To view videos in the future, turn on legacy Video mode. "
I have 3 cameras and this is the only one I’m getting this message on and I’m very confused. I haven’t changed any settings on the camera since yesterday when I last could see videos from the camera.
Also my phone has stopped getting codes so I can’t login on my tablet to view the videos.
I’m getting very frustrated.

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I also discovered this HEVC codec issue this morning with one of my four cameras. I saw the error message and I selected the option to turn on Legacy Video Mode.

What is most puzzling is that I have a lot of videos from that camera that I could previously view in my browser, and now I cannot view any of them. Apparently Ring converted previously recorded video into this this new format (HEVC) and made them unavailable for me to view.

Another troubling issue is that I cannot prevent this from happening on other cameras. In another thread on this site the Ring support persons, Justin_Ring and Caitlyn_Ring, suggested using this process to force each of the cameras into Legacy Video Mode:

“follow these steps on the Ring app:
• Open the Ring app
• Choose the menu button (three lines in the upper left corner).
• Select your Ring device
• Tap Device Setting
• Tap Video Settings
• Select Legacy Video Mode and toggle it on”

Unfortunately, this option does NOT exist, or no longer exists. It appears I have to wait and see if RIng converts more of my cameras and I lose access to my videos.

This is incredibly bad treatment of customers.

Before I submitted this reply, I tried one other thing. For these videos that I cannot view in my browser of choice, I can “Share” the videos which will keep the videos in my Shared Video list. These videos I can view. I suppose Ring wants us to save our videos on the Shared list.


This is an issue that seems to come and go. Everything works fine until it doesn’t and then, after some time, it works again… all without any explanation or acknowledgement from Ring. Not being able to view your videos does not make for a reliable security system so I’m now shopping for something different. This random behavior is unacceptable.


clover25 -

After seeing your post (as well as posts from other forum members), I decided to access the Ring web app to see if the same problem existed for my video clips.

When I checked multiple devices (none of which was a Stick Up Cam), I discovered that I was NOT able to:

  • Use the Live View feature
  • View existing videos

Interestingly, no HEVC error message was displayed.

In other words, Ring has somehow managed to make an undesirable web app even more undesirable.

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I have exactly the same problem. 6 Stick-up Cams, everything works fine. But two days ago I saw an error message on 1 camera with the HEVC issue. All the cameras are up to date with the same firmware, so why one camera has an issue and the other 5 work fine?

The Legacy Video Mode is not available for me, so what can we do now? Just wait and see for the next camera update? That’s really not serious and that’s not how I expect to be treated as a customer.

Let’s hope that the issue won’t spread to my other cameras!!

UPDATE: As stated by cnguinn, if you have videos that you cannot view in your browser you can share the video and then go to your Shared Videos List and from there you can view the videos without the HEVC error message. Is this a bug of a feature?

Please fix this ^^

Don’t have ring doorbell. Need to get ring protect

Hi neighbors. Your concerns about HEVC seem to be related to this Community post here. There is a marked solution in that post as well.

^^ This is a work-around, not a solution.
The problem is that we lose video functionality, then at some point regain it—all without any changes on the user’s end. Also, as has been reported, this usually happens to only one or two cameras in a multiple camera system. All cameras have the same firmware and are being viewed via the same browser. Some work, some don’t. Fix it.

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Hello Justin,

Nice try but sorry this is not a solution.

Please read again carefully all our previous posts, I’m sure that a company like Ring cannot let customers being so frustrated. So please fix it.

And BINGO! Just like that, it’s all working again… at least for me. I hope others are having the same good luck.

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Same here, it’s working again…
So what happened ? I guess we’ll never know ^^

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