Ring Stick Up camera not working with Pixel XL phone

Recently purchased ring Stick up camera, but when I try to view live feed on a 4g network, I’m unable to do so.

I can connect grand with no issues on WiFi, but not via 4g. Have deleted and reinstalled app, all with no success

Hi @MikeF03. It’s good that you’ve isolated the concern with the Live View down to your 4g data connection, as it is working just fine on wifi. You’ll want to make sure you don’t have a VPN enabled on your phone, and if this concern persists, I would also recommend contacting your cell phone provider. Since this only occurs when you’re on a data connection, there may be some settings with your data that need to be adjusted to ensure you can stream the Live View from your Camera with a solid connection.

Thanks for update and quick reply. I’ll be sure to keep a eye on this thread.