Ring Stick up Camera not displaying Power info in Device Health

Hello I purchased a 2 pack of Ring Stick Up Cameras. I set them both up today, both with a fully charged battery and Both connected to a Ring Solar Panel.

Below are the two images of the “Device Health”. the one on right shows a power section but the one on the left shows nothing (yes I scrolled up all the way for the pic).

Also only one of them shows the solar panel that is attached to them?? This is frustrating, how can this be fixed?

Hi @David6789. On the left image, are you saying that you are unable to scroll to see the full Device Health menu? You should have the Power section above the Network section. What version of the Ring app do you have downloaded, and what version of iOS? The Solar Panel may not show up until the battery falls below 90%. This Help Center article here has more information on the Solar Panel and charging your battery. I hope this helps.

Correct I am unable to scroll up any further, as you can see on the Left pic the scroll bar is to the top. And although I can scroll down there is just two more lines under the Tools section to see. No power section.

Ring App Version 5.53.2
iPhone 15.6.1

Hi @David6789. Thanks for that information. I would suggest going to Device Settings, General Settings and confirming that the device is in Battery mode and not Wired mode. Changing this setting will prompt you to complete a new setup, which is ok. After a new setup, your device will perform a quick update and it should reflect the new power source in the Device Health menu. Let me know how this goes!