Ring stick up camera link to alarm possible?d


I know you can link the alarm base station to the stick up cameras or other cameras to alarm to record in the event the alarm station is triggered.

However is there a way to link a stick up camera to the alarm base station so the alarm can be triggered in the event it detects motion. I’ve looked in the settings but it doesn’t look like this way of linking devices is supported? My guess is it’s due to possible false alarms but was curious if it is possible for those odd other setups where it would be a good fit. Example: stick up camera covers a breakable windows with access to the property that could side step the alarm sensors. I know there is a break glass sensor but if you already have a camera in this instance it would be nice in at least away mode to configure it if you wanted to.

Let me know and appreciate the great products

Thanks agian

Hi @Jason7889. You cannot set the Ring Alarm to be triggered from motion detection on a Ring Doorbell or Security Camera. This setting could cause additional false alarms. You’re welcome to add your suggestion to our Feature Request board, which we use to gather and share new ideas with our teams here.

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