ring stick up cam

I’m experiencing a strange issue, when my stick up cam in the kitchen detects motion it let’s off a loud solid beep about 1-2 seconds long and I cant seem to figure out why. Any suggestions?

are you on a diet?

Hi @Jid1! An audible sound triggered by live view is not a feature of our Stick Up Camera. Depending on model of Camera, some do feature a siren that can be toggled from the Ring app, but that siren would still not be automatic.

Depending on this sound and volume, I recommend checking on any shared users who might have access and may have answered the event. You can also check your event history to see if this event shows as answered. If there are not shared users/ the event was not answered, this sound should no occur.

As this device is located in your kitchen, there may be some critical interference in the area. A kitchen will often feature large appliances known to interfere with wifi frequency. Not that interference would cause a sound, but it can certainly affect operation. This can be checked via your RSSI in the Device Health section of your Ring app. If you are able to get an example of the sound, feel free to share it with us for further suggestions. :slight_smile: