Ring Stick UP Cam Wired QUESTION

My new ‘Ring Stick UP Cam Wired’ picked up video of 2 people walking up onto our driveway. The video only recorded 15 seconds. How do I increase the video recording?

Hey @dmunitz, for the Stick Up Cam Wired, all video recordings should be 60 seconds long, unless you are looking at the Live View (answering the notification), and then closing your app or turning it off. Answering a Live View will make the recording only as long as you are present in it. If you do not answer your notification, it should record for 60 seconds. Were you viewing this video as it was happening, and this is the case? If this is not the case, please let me know if it was only this video, or all your videos are not 60 seconds.

Only 14 seconds was recorded.

@dmunitz Were you viewing the video as it was happening live? Are all your other recordings under 30 seconds?

No, I didn’t see the video until 35 minutes after it recorded.

@dmunitz Are all your recordings less than 30 seconds, or just this one? What is the RSSI for your device? You can learn more about the RSSI for your device and what it means in our Community post here (possibly delaying videos, making videos not as long as they should be).

The RSSI on this device is -52

Some of the previously recorded videos are at 30 seconds and others 15 seconds.

@dmunitz Thanks for letting me know! That RSSI isn’t too bad, but could be the reason for the indifference in video recording length. If you could, can you reach out to our support team here? If you provide them the date and time of the video(s) you have concerns with (videos that are not 30 seconds long), they can take a deeper look into this and see why the videos weren’t recording for the full time!