Ring Stick Up Cam Wired (PoE) changing MAC address

My router started giving notifications this morning saying there were two unknown devices connected to my network via a wired connection. I looked up the MAC address with no results. Not knowing what it was, I blocked the connection to both. Within 10 minutes, I received two more notifications saying there are new unknown wired connections with new MAC addresses. I tried again, and another 10 minutes later, I have yet another notification saying I have two new unknown wired devices connected with more new MAC addresses. After looking into, I noticed two of my four wired stick up cams were not showing on the router. So I logged into my Ring account and rebooted the two cameras not showing, and when I did that, the “unknown” devices on my router disconnected then reconnected. So it seems that for some reason, two of my cameras are now changing or spoofing their MAC address and cannot figure why. Ring tech support was no help. Have my cameras possibly been compromised even though they are a wired PoE connection?
I have all 4 wired cameras connected to a PoE switch, with the PoE switch connected to my router.

I have the same issue with my Video Doorbell Elite (PoE). In the Ring App (device status) is shown the old MAC address, but in the network details of my firewall, switch … is shown an other MAC address. My Video Doorbell Elite is directly connected to the switch port (PoE-Switch).