Ring Stick Up Cam Wired (PoE) changing MAC address

My router started giving notifications this morning saying there were two unknown devices connected to my network via a wired connection. I looked up the MAC address with no results. Not knowing what it was, I blocked the connection to both. Within 10 minutes, I received two more notifications saying there are new unknown wired connections with new MAC addresses. I tried again, and another 10 minutes later, I have yet another notification saying I have two new unknown wired devices connected with more new MAC addresses. After looking into, I noticed two of my four wired stick up cams were not showing on the router. So I logged into my Ring account and rebooted the two cameras not showing, and when I did that, the “unknown” devices on my router disconnected then reconnected. So it seems that for some reason, two of my cameras are now changing or spoofing their MAC address and cannot figure why. Ring tech support was no help. Have my cameras possibly been compromised even though they are a wired PoE connection?
I have all 4 wired cameras connected to a PoE switch, with the PoE switch connected to my router.

Just joined to say I am witnessing the same behavior on one of my stick up cameras. Not sure when it began but the MAC definitely changed. The odd thing is that in the Ring app, the device still shows the original MAC address.

Edit: Does anyone know how to get the attention of actual Ring support? I called in but the person on the phone was not helpful.

Hey neighbors. Your Ring devices should not change the MAC address on your router like this. If your Camera is consistently falling offline or if you have a DHCP reservation, then you may need to utilize wifi or change your router security settings to allow the new MAC address via ethernet for the time being. In order to take a further look into this, can you please reach out to our support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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Just started seeing this issue over the last week as well. Camera seems to be advertising different MAC addresses. This behavior is similar to what I would see if I was using an iPhone with Private Networking enabled, but as others have said this is over a wired POE connection.

I just wanted to add that I have experienced the exact same situation in the last few weeks with 2 of my 3 Ring Stick Up Camera Elites (Gen 2) that are connected via PoE. I started noticing Unknown Devices on my Network that had Device Names that began with “DEV-xxxxxx” and MAC Addresses different from the Ring Camera they were controlling. When I blocked these 2 “DEV-xxxxxx” Devices, it put their corresponding Ring Cameras “offline”. The weird thing is my 3rd Stick Up Camera Elite has been unaffected. It is also the oldest of the 3 Cameras. They are all connected the same way using individual Ring PoE Adaptors for each Camera. I specifically wanted my outdoor Ring Cameras to be a “wired” connection to avoid people being able to scramble my “wifi” and making the Cameras useless. The only solution I have found unfortunately is to change the connection type of these 2 Cameras to “wifi”. Once this was done, the 2 “DEV-xxxxxx” devices disconnected and the 2 Cameras show up as connected with their “wifi” MAC Addresses. My conclusion is that Ring has changed something recently that is causing this situation and I would like to know if Ring Technical Support is looking into this?

This looks to be an attempt to provide privacy MAC addresses as so far every random address does at least follow the standard for a locally administered MAC address.
This feature makes sense for devices that roam from network (typically wireless) to network to protect from a user being tracked.
It makes no sense for a Ring Camera or Door Bell that does not roam. Like others, this is breaking security. The privacy is not required, as the Ring device is on my network , trusted and not tracked. The security holes I now have to open to let this camera work is terrible.
If you want to have the feature, give us the option to turn it off, as Apple does on a per network basis. All my Apple devices has privacy addresses disabled for trusted (Home) network .