Ring Stick Up Cam wired and Virgin Media

Having just moved from Talk Talk to Virgin Media, my Ring Stick Up Cam is now freezing in the first 10 seconds of every recording. It records about 1 or 2 frames of footage in this time, then begins to record properly. The camera worked fine every time on Talk Talk (except for the global issues last week with missing videos). The new connection is 100MB and the old connection was 35MB, so is now almost 3 times faster.

Any other UK customers have problems with Virgin Media fibre and Ring cams doing this?



Hey @Labrajaws ! With the only change being in your service provider, please confirm what is the make/ model of router being used with Virgin Media? Also, are you having any other connection issues around the home, that you may not have had with Talk Talk? This information as well as any other details you can share on this concern will help us assist you further :slight_smile:

The issue appears to be fixed after pressing the Reset button on the Stick Up Cam.

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The issue has now returned and all my recordings are freezing at around 7 seconds in, meaning I am losing key footage. I have since relaised there is no reset button on the Stick Up Cam - it is just the button to put the camera into set up mode.

I have turned off the Cam at the mains supply and switched back but still no improvement.

What can be done to resolve this issue?

Sorry to see this concern has returned. I recommend contacting our support anytime at 800-656-1918. They’ll be able to take a closer look at the network environment, settings, and performance of your devices to find the culprit/ solution.

Hello - I have a solution and unfortunately it means spending more money!

The Virgin Media hub does not work well with Ring. I have 100mb fibre, and a signal of -30 and it still has lags on my doorbell and cam. Black screens, dropped connections. It’s a shame ring and virgin cannot work together to fix.

You can try all sorts of things first, ranging from port forwarding on your virgin hub, dedicating the guest WIfi network to Ring, and using extenders. Unfortunately none of them will work long term, the lag always returns.

Due to the lack of ring and Virgin support, what you need to do is buy a new better router, which manages your network traffic. You then continue to use the Virgin hub as a modem only, and put it in to modem mode.

The router I purchased was £85, but works well and has probably improved my overall internet performance in my house. It’s just a shame that in order to get £400 of ring kit to work I needed to buy another router.

Hi Ollie

Ring only seem capable of suggesting a device reset or a factory reset on the Stick Up Cam.

What router are you using?



Hi Andy,

Due to cost, and not wanting to spend much more solving the problem, I got a tp link ac1750 router. Argos had it for about £85.

It’s not the newest, but decent spec and gets good reviews. Also available on Amazon.

If you do have any range issues, you can use some WiFi extenders with it too.

It took a couple of goes to get it working with the virgin hub. There’s quite a specific order to switching the hub and modem on. If you Google it with setup on virgin fibre there’s a few examples.

Good luck.


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Hi Ollie.

I bought an Archer C7 router as this seems to be recommended on Virgin Forums. I still experience some videos freezing a few seconds into the recording.

Do you have QoS enabled on your TP Link router, and if so do you give the Ring devices High Priority?




Evening Andy,

I haven’t got QoS enabled on mine as I didn’t need to. However I have read some people who have found it useful to help prioritise and maintain the traffic.

On the ring app, worth checking device health and have a look and check the signal strength. If it’s weak (a high minus number) you can try a few options like changing the WiFi channel. A WiFi analytics app can help to see if the channel you’re currently using is too busy. Then try switch to another.

If signal strength is OK, maybe try QoS first

Let us know how it goes.