Ring stick up Cam shutter video good rssi

Have a Stick up cam (mounted in my garage wall) and it’s relatively close to my router. But the video shutters ,freezes randomly. Only support pages I can find talk about having poor WiFi connection. But my Rssi for that device is -56, which is good-excellent. Have tried restarting and erasing the cam and repairing. And ideas on what would cause this? Or do you think it’s a replacement kind of scenario. Will post a example video on what I am talking about later, currently on cellular.

Hi @CaptainK. Sharing an example video would be great, as it gives us a better idea of exactly what you’re seeing on your end. Does this happen only on recorded videos, or when you activate the Live View as well? Is the Stick Up Cam on the outside of your garage, or on the inside of the garage? The signal strength may be good, but there could be different building materials that are causing temporary interference. It could also be due to the wifi speeds. You can find some information on how to test the wifi speeds here.