Ring Stick Up Cam Plug In came with incompatible plug

Just making this known. I ran all over town yesterday opening boxes for plug in Stick Up Cams. It started with the purchase of one cam. When I got home and tried to connect the outdoor plug faceplate I found that they would not connect. After wasting and hour and a half talking to “tech support” and getting no help I decided to just return the one I had and hope that it was just an isolated issue. I went back to Home Depot to swap the cam out but before I did I asked the sales rep if we could open it and check the plugs. Same issue. We opened all five that Home Depot had and they were all the same. Ok, maybe it was just this batch that went to Home Depot. I went to Best Buy to try and find a good one. They only had two in stock. The first one we opened had the same issue. Luckily the other one they had included the correct adapter for the outdoor plug portion. See picture for details. One of the incompatible parts and then the correct one. You can’t connect the outdoor plug with the orange on it because the part it connects to has a tab in the middle that prevents them from sliding together.

Hi @MCS76. Thank you for taking the time to provide this detailed feedback, along with pictures, on the Community. I’ve passed this information along to the appropriate teams. :slight_smile: