Ring Stick-up cam enters set up mode automatically after being disconnected from the network

I have some cameras that had disconnected from my network (I stopped broadcasting the network SSID for a period of time). When I retrieved the cameras the next day (approx. 16 hours later) they were broadcasting a network with their name (i.e. Ring Setup 5J). I did not press the yellow button to make the cameras enter set-up mode. It doesn’t seem normal that the camera would enter set-up mode on its own after being disconnected. Additionally, is there a security issue with this as the wifi-network the camera was broadcasting was unsecure (could someone connect to the camera and install some malware or some variant of that?). If I had not retrieved the cameras they would have been broadcasting that signal for quite some time…Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.


Hi @SeaWalls. Ring Cameras and Doorbells will automatically try to reconnect to wifi after they are disconnected, which is likely why you saw the setup network being broadcast. This is just a temporary network that only allows you to complete the setup or reconnection process in the Ring app when you are physically present with the Ring device. Additionally, you must be logged into your Ring account as the owner to even continue the setup process, since the device is tied to your Ring account. Let me know if you have any issues getting the camera reconnected to your wifi network.