Ring Stick Up Cam Elite Box

The box of the camera does not write “Elite” but “Wired”.

Do you think that this is a wrong shipment by the supplier?

Box includes Wired camera and PoE adapter as well.

Great question @network4expert! Rest assured these are indeed the same device. The Stick Up Cam Elite and Wired are one in the same, and as long as the packaging contains the POE adapter you will have everything you need to operate it as intended. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

The Stickup cam v2 came in three variants: Battery, Wired, Wired+POE (Elite). Depending which territory the Elitewas sold in, it camewith the POE adapter as standard.

When the new Stickup cam V3 came out, the v2 battery and wired models were superseded. The Wired+POE Elite is still available With inc POE adapter… If your cam has an Ethernet port then it’s an Elite.

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What about pricing?

Keep in mind that is not so clear marketing approach for a customer.

Please mention detailed packaging and pricing structure.

I need to know what I payed for.