Ring Stick Up Cam Battery (2020)

I just recently purchased a new Stick up cam. Setup goes fine until I get to the wifi then flashing green lights. I should mentioned it’s within 3 feet of the router when setup is ongoing. I have also called support and they sent a replacement and it’s the same thing over. This has me obviously leaning towards an incompatibility on my end. I have a spot light cam, indoor stick up cam, ring doorbell and ring alarm system (all work). I have a Netgear Nighthawk RAX40 router.

Things I’ve tried:
-disabled data on my cell phone
-reboot router and modem
-reset cam
-tried different phone to set up
-disabled AX/Wifi6
-reset router
-renamed wifi network

I may have forgotten some steps that I’ve taken but any suggestions would be helpful.
Edit: I did forget that this setup knocks my Alarm base station off the wifi.

Hi there, @TGrayson! Thank you for providing these steps, in which it looks like you’ve handled a good many. With your other Ring devices working fine, it would seem odd that this Stick Up Camera would not. The Alarm going offline might indicate an IP conflict of some sort, which also shouldn’t happen if using DHCP. I recommend checking out our help center article about ports and protocols just for good measure.

If there is a guest network option, this might help to separate from any specialized network configurations. While there are a great many steps related to network configuration and nighthawk model routers, let’s see if this Camera will setup to any network. Please ensure there is not a vpn enabled on either mobile device used, and try out a hotspot connection, if possible. If you do have a hotspot available, go through the setup in the Ring app as normal, and choose your mobile hotspot to connect to at the end. Let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: