Ring Stick Up Cam (3rd Gen) Stuck in Update Status Fix

Thought I’d share my success on this. I have a Ring Stick Up Cam (3rd Gen) that became stuck installing an update. I did call Ring after a week of unsuccessful attempts to reconnect & reset the device. They said just take it in for a replacement & that’s fine, but I wanted to try one more thing after following all the directions they have for factory resetting & reinstalling the device. I did the reset per Ring instructions, holding down the orange button while the device was on for 10 seconds, after releasing the button, the light flashed rapidly & then it went into setup mode. Then I unplugged the camera & held the orange button down for 20 seconds, & waited another minute or so then plugged it back in. I thought I might try this as some devices need you to hold down a button to completely drain power after reset to erase device memory. After it booted back up, it entered setup mode & setup was successful, it updated firmware properly like the first time & did not stay in update mode. I think this may work for battery & solar powered units, you’ll just need to remove the battery and unplug the solar connection before holding down the orange button again to remove all power from the unit. Hope this helps someone.


Hi @Gilamonster. Thanks for this advice on resetting your Ring Camera!

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I have a 3rd gen battery powered stick-up cam, and this did not work for me. I will try a different camera from the same box and see what happens.

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Had the same problem and this works.

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Yep, I have the 3rd gen battery cam too and this didn’t work. Did you ever get yours working?