Ring Stick up Cam 3rd Gen (Battery)


So I decided to sign up purely to share my experience with using a stick up cam 3rd gen (battery version) & specifically about using live view! Like many on here (discovered all the posts on this forum after searching on google) I was having issues with live view, I think my success rate with getting it to appear when selecting live view was probably 30% out of 100% and that’s me being very generous with that figure!

I have now improved that to 98%, I’ll leave the other 2% off as I’ll be honest & say I’ve had rare instances where live view still wont work but I find when that happens the snapshot will never update either, it’s almost like the camera has gone into a deep sleep and wont wake up, triggering a motion event wakes it up, or waiting a short while & the camera starts responding to live view etc, that appears to be a firmware issue to me.

So what fixed it, simple, I swapped my router for a new one, I’m now running an Asus RT-AX88U router, as it’s a cable router I had to get a modem which was a pain as I have a G.Fast connection and there’s only a few modems that support it. Literally EVERY setting that was on my previous router, also an asus router (DSL-AC88U), aer set exactly the same on the new one. I highly rate asus routers but I discovered with my previous one that the firmware on it was not standard asus-wrt, asus themselves didn’t develop the firmware although I haven’t been able to discover who they out sourced the development to.

The new router is also much better in specs, quad core cpu @ 1.8ghz, a whole 1gb of ram on board, the previous DSL router only had a dual core @ 1ghz and less than half the ram on board, it also supports the awesome custom merlin firmware that I’m currently running on it & what’s even better is asus support the custom firmware so warranty isn’t affected. In fact not only have I discovered that this new router has virtually cured the issue with live view not working I’ve also found that using the internet just seems faster, using apps on my phone or tablet that connect to the internet right after opening are starting up much quicker now.

I always knew the hardware inside a router mattered but didn’t really know just how much & lets not forget, for any of you still running the router that your isp supplied, they’re never very good, I couldn’t wait to ditch the bt smart hub 2 I was given, that’s why I swapped it with the DSL-AC88U which I thought was a good router but this RT-AX88U is in a different league! One major downside, it wasn’t cheap but I went with it as I now have wifi 6 compatible hardware to really make use of it.

I’ve seen quite a few on here talking about how ring need to fix the live view and how it must be a firmware issue, well if that was the case then my new router wouldn’t have done diddly squat in terms of improving live view on the 6 stick up cams (battery) I’m using but I have now gone from wondering if the live view will appear or how many times I’ll have to hit the button to make it work to working 98% of the time.