Ring Stick up blurry night vid

As the subject says, added a new stick up cam (about 2 weeks old) video is great during the day, useless at night. The neighbor’s window is brilliantly sharp, when lit, everything else is a blur. Attached photo. NOTE: I saw a speculative post on another security cam site theorizing that the older products are having issues because they need the new spotlights. I’ve been using Ring products for years, so why would I all of a sudden need to ADD spotlights to improve the night vision capability?

Thank you for coming to the Community with your concern @jkhringid. The best test for this would be to bring the device inside and test in a room with bright light on versus a room with almost no light, to see if the lens is adjusting as intended. If the concern persists, please perform a reset by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. Upon completing the reset, you will have to setup your Camera to connect back to wifi. Please let me know if this helps! :slight_smile:

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TYVM, I’ll tomorrow. I can see that it’s attempting to illuminate because there’s a very small bright margin on the right. I’ll experiment in my basement. Thanks again.

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Did you find a resolution to your problem? My cameras are starting to do this?

I’d like to add to this conversation. I have a 2nd gen stick up cam which I recently moved outside, and noticed the daytime/night vision video quality is drastically different. (Previously had it indoors where I really didn’t need to monitor when dark.) At night it’s as if the camera doesn’t know where to focus.

I have newer spotlight and floodlight cams which are significantly better in the dark. I assume there have been hardware upgrades, but seeing as how the daytime is perfectly clear on the stick up cam, can the night vision image be adjusted accordingly through firmware? Or is the quality that much different?


Wifi reception is fine – RSSI is in the green, and daytime video is great.

I am assuming this is the result of cold temp/fog and lights directly pointed toward camera. Only happens 12 am to 5 am (when I want it to work). How to fix? RainX on front cover? Move/point lights away?