Ring Stick Up Battery Camera not giving live feed

I have purchased a Ring Stick Up Cam Battery security camera and set it up through the Ring app and then linked it to my Alexa Echo Show 5. It has worked fine for about 3 days but then stopped showing a live camera feed. The motion detection still works but there is no image. I have gone through the entire set up process again, fully charged the battery again but with the same result. During the set-up process the app tells me that there is good communication between the camera and the network. I have also switched off the router and turned it on again but that doesn’t help either. I need help to resolved this as the camera is pretty useless as it is … and after only 3 days!

Hi @rksmith. It sounds like you may have some restrictions on your router that are preventing your device from showing the Live View. Rest assured this is an easy fix! If you are unfamiliar with how to adjust the ports and protocols on your router, I recommend to reach out to your ISP to have them walk you through it, but please visit our Ring Help Center Article here for more information on what adjustments to make. :slight_smile: