Ring stick detecting motion every minute

I bought a ring stick and installed it outside my garage and it intially worked when there was motion. Now it detects motion every minute. I have adjusted the sensitivity and zone. When I adjust down to people it does not work When I adjust it up one notch it reverts back to going off every mnute. Happens alll day long

Do you literally mean it’s recording every minute or are you just being facetious as a way to indicate it’s much more sensitive to motion than it once was?

My sitck up cams randomly became super sensative to motion just a few days ago.


Not every minute but it is going off with no movement sometimes every minute or 8 minutes

It worked fine for a few days then in the last week it is going off all the time for no reason

Have you tried rebooting the camera? I had one that went weird on me and a reboot brought it back to normal. Just a thought. Unplug it for a minute or two.