Ring Stick Camera not working with tp-link range Extender (Model #: TL-WA855RE)

I installed two tp-link (300Mbps Wi-Fi) range extenders in my home. Mainly due to very weak Wi-Fi strength for my front Ring Stick Camera overlooking my driveway. During the Ring setup…the Ring System reflected that the tp-link had 5 bars strong in order to sync with the Ring system…however…during setup…the Ring system lights were flashing Blue and Red (reflecting a problem). I reset my COMCAST router and the Ring Cam as instructed to do…which did not help at all. How frustrating!!

It appears that other Ring customers are having the very same problems with the tp-link Wi-Fi extenders. All my other equipment (cell phones, laptops, etc…etc) are carrying a super strong Wi-Fi signal from the tp-link extenders. So…I’m at a loss as to why my Ring Stick Up Cam in incompatable. Help!

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Same problem. We have the TP-Link RE-450 extenders and the Ring Spotlight Camera would not hook up to it. I called Ring support and was told I need the Ring Chim Pro. So now i need to spend an additional $50 to get the camera to work where I need it. And it also appears after reading this forum, that i will probably need to buy an extra $30 battery and a $99 solar charger that may or may not keep the batteries charged.

Same problem with a Cisco router in bridge mode.