Ring stick cam 3rd generation

My ring stick cam 3rd generation that is used in my garden randomly dropped Wi-Fi connection.
This camera is powered by the ring solar panel and the battery was showing at 100%.
I have tried pressing the button in the battery compartment but I have a solid blue light that does not flash no matter what. I have kept the battery out for hours and ensured it’s fully charged and tried an alternate battery with no joy. The front camera works as it should with both batteries confirmed good.

How is this rectified please, it’s not a Wi-Fi issue and I can’t get to the point of connecting the Wi-Fi again. This camera is just over a year old only.

Hi @Rich1983gol. What is the RSSI for this device? If the device has a low RSSI, it may not have the connection strength to update it’s status. I suggest bringing this device closer to your internet router so you can update the connection. You may need to add a Chime Pro to boost your RSSI.