Ring station is dead

My Ring-station suddenly became dead. No lights. Nothing. What could be wrong? I changed the outlet, tried to reset, but no response.

Have you got anything in History about it going to battery backup?

If you have, then the mains adaptor that powers the Base Station needs replacement.**

If there is no such notification, then chances are the Base Station is dead. You need to contact Support through your phone app or via your account web page.

(**Good luck with this, for some reason both Support and the guys on here cannot seem to understand what people mean when they ask for a new power supply for the Base Station, there are several posts on this throughout the forum.)

Hi @leongrin. I’d recommend contacting our support team, as it’s best to troubleshoot the Base Station with the guidance of our Ring Alarm team. We can only assist with general troubleshooting here on the Ring Community, as we do not have access to account or device details since this is a public forum.

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