Ring starts to charge then stops and just flashes

Ring doorbell, less than a year old. Got email to charge it. Upon plugging it in, it starts flashing like it’s charging, but after a minute, the entire circle is flashing blue.

I’ve tried different cables, and power sources. WiFi is connected fine. I have the most updated version of the app.

Any help would be appreciated. Pretty frustrating.

After removing the doorbell from the app and trying to reinstall it, the set up process detected that the doorbell needed a firmware update.

The blue light blinking is the device trying to update.

Nowhere does it mention that’s what it’s doing.

Hopefully this helps someone else wondering why their doorbell isn’t charging.

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Thank you for returning to share and update the Community on this experience. I agree very much that this could help other neighbors who might run into the same situation. This feedback has been shared with our teams here as well.

Thanks again for being a great neighbor! :slight_smile: