Ring spotlight won't turn off

My spotlight cams were staying on after turning off, we found the problem to be Alexa was turning them on , though we never setup Alexa to do anything with our Ring it decided to setup on its own. We went into Alexa app and disabled the Ring cameras and now the light are staying off.


I’m having the same issue as well the lights will not turn off they just stay on steady, turn them off manually and they just come back on a few seconds later. I’ve been using ring for years I know the settings inside and out, this is not an issue with the settings, there’s a bug and this just started recently or I should say, was just noticed recently, ring needs to acknowledge this and fix this issue it’s obvious from this feed and countless reports online that this is not an isolated issue. Going to have a to keep track of the kwh used and send the bill to ring.

I am having the same problem. I just received a replacement from Ring and installed and it is doing the exact same thing. I have the motion activation for the lights turned off now. Kind of defeats the purpose of having motion activated lights.

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I am having the same issue with the light always being on and the light schedule is useless. Does anyone know if this issue has been fixed? I am getting close to going to another security system if they can’t even fix an issue that everyone seems to be having with the unit.


I found a solution!

I was having the same issue with my wired Floodlight Cam staying on even though I would turn it off via the Ring app, it would turn back on within a couple of seconds. Although I had the Auto-Shutoff timer set for it to go off after 3 minutes, it would stay on. I tried adjusting the Motion Zones but that didn’t help. I don’t have any Light or Motion Schedules set up.

Here is the solution that worked for me:

In the Motion Settings - Motion Sensitivity, I set it to minimum (it had been near Max).

Then, in the Device Settings - Light Settings - Motion Zones for Lights, I set it to Minimum, and in the same section, I set the Auto-Shutoff Timer to 30 seconds (it had been at 3 minutes).

Then I manually turned off the Floodlight Cam light through the app. It stayed off this time!

Then in the Motion Zones for Lights settings, I changed it back to about 3/4 of the way toward Max.

So far, the light is staying off!

The light started staying on again. I decreased the level of sensitivity in the Motion Zones to about halfway and then manually turned off the light via the Ring app. So far, the lights have stayed off. I’ll keep decreasing the sensitivity if the light come back on and don’t turn off after 30 seconds.

Update again:
After a week of following the above steps I listed, I have not had the issue return. My cam lights have worked as normal.


@SeanDiMaria Thank you for listing out what settings you adjusted while troubleshooting this concern. Other neighbors can then try the steps you tried in order to fine-tune their own Cam’s settings based on their environment. :slight_smile:

We are having the exact issue with our Ring Floodlight camera. It started about a month ago. Just got around to calling support about 2 weeks ago and they sent out a replacement (refurbished floodlight camera). I paid a licensed electrician to install it on 4/13 and around 4/15 the same problem started again. This tells me it is not an issue with the floodlight, but something with the app as others have stated. Spoke to Ring support and they are clueless to the problems mentioned in this thread. Suggested sending out another light which I rejected. They are going to notify support on this issue which appears to have been going on for quite some time now. Thanks to @ SeanDiMaria for your fix as I can now turn the light off. However, I had to move the “motion zone for the light” all the way to the min. distance in order for the light to go off. This is not ideal as I want the light to come on when the motion is further away from the camera and not when someone is standing directly under it. So, still have an issue that needs to be resolved.

Hey all

Had this problem for the first time today, after some 4 weeks of having no issue with my floodlight camera.
I noticed there was a firmware update today so i can only imagine it’s linked to that.

I dont wanna say this too loud at the risk of jinxing myself, but I appear to have (at least temporarily) resolved it.

As per all other comments, trying to turn the lights off within the app didnt work. I tried resetting and reconnecting and that didnt work.

The only thing that was turning the lights off was going into = settings, light settings, deactivating “motion-activated lights”.

So using that i turned that back on, went back to the device controls and instead of turning off the lights - i turned off “motion detection” for about 30 seconds (ensure light is off too) and then turned motion detection back on.

When i turned it back on, it came on but the lights didnt!


this is happening to me also. light will not go off.

when i turn the slider in the app to off, it slides back to the right to on.

please fix.

Hey all

I had this problem for the first time this week. It was going off for a millisecond if I tuned it off in the app and was coming back on and constantly staying on. After fighting with it for a couple days it seems like I found a solution that worked for me. I went outside with a broom and swept over the sensor and beside the lights, a single tiny strand of a little spider web was hanging in front of the sensor and not setting off the motion detection notifications but was enough to turn on the lights it seems. Hopefully this helps someone else.

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Does anyone have a fix for this issue?

here is the way I made a fix.

  1. reset flood light camera by pressing reset button for a minute. the reset button is on top of camera.
  2. then following setup process, add flood light camera again in ring app.

this worked for me.

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If the light on your Spotlight Cam will not turn off or it is coming on frequently, please try the following:

  • Ensure there are no dirt or debris on or near the Spotlight Cam, including the sensor on the bottom. There may be something small like an insect or a spider web that is obstructing the sensor, which can cause the light to come on despite you not seeing anything.
  • Make sure your Ring app is fully updated and that your phone is on the current version of the OS that is available for it.
  • Reboot your Spotlight Cam from the Ring app by following the steps here. The reboot will take a few minutes.
  • Reset your Spotlight Cam by holding down the setup button for at least 20 seconds. After the reset is complete, you can follow the steps under Set Up a Device to set your Camera back up in the Ring app.

If the light still will not turn off after giving these steps a try, please follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I was having a similar issue and think I may have found a solution.
Mine have been installed for over a year.
I have 4 flood light cam wired plus devices and this only happens on one of them.
The one light would stay on all night.
Sometimes even in the day it would stay on.
I would turn it off in the app and it would turn right back on a few seconds later.
My solution:

  1. Go into the settings for the device (click gear icon)
  2. Click on “Device Health” (Everything looked fine and there were no errors)
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “Reboot This Device”
    (I DID NOT have to reset the entire device by pressing the reset button and reconfiguring. If the issue returns I will try that next)

I waited a few minutes and it seems to be fixed now. I will post back if the issue returns in the next few hours / days.

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I have recently discovered that the sensor can detect heat. I changed my motion zone for lights so that the forward facing is off and this solved my problem. I have a suspicion that somthing in or the car itself parked infornt of the light was causing the problem. It might be rubbish but of all the settings i changed on and off and the bits i read about this, it was the thing that resloved it for me. It might be worth trying these one on at a time with two off, you may have something in one of the zones that is causing the problem. Yes the light does still come on when i walk near it with the forward zone off.

Same thing here. Was doing it within hours of being installed, though it was me at first, but I cycled through every last configuration screen. A couple of solutions have been evoked here, but, I just created a light schedule to turn it off completely as to not annoy the neighbours until I have some more time to look into this, but, I’ll be honest, I’d much rather be doing something else. RING, apart from generic replies to call support, you’ve been no help! Do better fast, please.

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Same started happening on my floodlight wired cam too, lights stay on 24/7.
I have reset them, cleaned them and the sensor. Rebooted them and even set sensitivity to the lowest but they stay on.
I manually turn them off and 3 seconds later they are on again. I have no had to set a schedule to keep them off from 23:30 till 17:00 every day.

This is some defect in the camera and Ring should fix it or replace the unit.

I tried that too but i get the message the lights failed to turn off try again.

I had the same problem with the two spotlight cams I have. And as well it started about two months ago. It’s clearly a Ring online connection problem, or they have been hacked.

Hello ,

I started facing a similar issue and all I did was use the ring app to reboot the device and boom , it worked!

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