Ring spotlight won't turn off

The spotlight on my spotlight camera won’t stay off. I go into the settings and switch the lights off. They turn off. Then a couple of seconds later, they turn back on. I turn them off then quickly go to the live view and tap the light bulb to turn them off again and at that point they seem to stay off, for a while. It’s not motion, I don’t think. I want them to turn on when it senses a person or car pull into my driveway. I gave up last night and just left them on and set the schedule to have them turn off at 5:30 in the morning. They turned off, but a second later turned back on. This is frustrating to say the least. I thought this camera and light would be the answer, but not the way it is operating now.

Hi @stanley721! Your Spotlight Cam lights can be controlled via the device settings in your Ring app. I recommend starting by minimizing the light sensitivity so it will only trigger when motion triggers. If you do not want your lights to trigger at all, you may turn off the light zones completely.

Keep in mind, even with light zones off, the lights are intended to come on when Camera motion is detected. The duration that the lights stay on after a motion is detected, can be altered in your light settings as well. Disabling both light zones, and toggling the “Record Motion” off, can help to prevent any lights from triggering, but this will also prevent any motions from being detected. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I appreciate the information. Although, as accurate as it is it doesn’t solve the problem of the spotlights coming on and apparently they cannot be unscrewed. Thanks again for the help

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One of my flood lights doing same thing. Keeps turning back on all night.

Even put in sleep mode so no motion etc and still on almost all the time???

Lease help ring.

Ours just started doing this as well. I have turned off the light on the view and within the settings and shortly after it switches back on. System says everything is good. I dont know what else to do either.

Same issue with me. Just started a few weeks ago. Clearly a Ring problem. I believe my Ring got a software update and then this light issue started.

Hey neighbors! If you’re still having this concern after trying the steps that were previously recommended, it may be best if you contact our support team directly. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

I am having the same issue with 2 ring cameras and it just started in the last week. We made no changes in our motion settings and this hasn’t been an issue for close to a year, so it’s clear that something has changed in software. Hope Ring support will issue some guidance on this.

I had this same problem with my floodlight cam which I had for about 2 years. After going around and around with their customer service tech people trying all sorts of fixes I finally got them to send me another camera. Got a refurbished cam but I had to pay an electrician once again to wire it in. This was done early August. I just discovered that ring has another problem which they finally admitted was a software issue having to do with an update. It’s not possible to set the lights via the ring app to alter the motion zone range when they would go on. The lights will only go on with motion within 8-10 feet of the unit. That’s with motion and light range set at the max. Again I spent a lot of time with their customer service last nite trying everything before tech finally informed the customer service rep it was a software issue. My neighbors spotlight cam has same problem. Not happy with a Ring at all.

It’s a product defect which cannot be fixed via the ring application. It’s about time Ring recognizes this.

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Same here! Have turned the light off, have set it to not turn on with motion at all, have closed out app & restarted, but the light won’t turn off! Help!!

I have the same issue with 2 ring flood light and 1 ring spotcam. This just started month back. Even after turning the lights off with ring application, it turns back on with any movement. I can no longer keep the lights off. It is super annoying to the point that I have to turn off power to them when using backyard. Ring please help.

I just had my Floodlight Cam installed yesterday and last night was fine, however tonight my lights will not shut off no matter what I do. They go off for a few minutes then right back on and I set it for lights off still on.
Extremely aggravating and I feel badly for my neighbors for the constant lights on.

I have the same problem. It just started on one of my cameras. I have two others that were all installed July 2020. Is this going to happen to all of them?

I’m having the same problem, I turn off the security lights in my app, they turn back on. Regardless of the time limit I set, the lights never turn off. Very disturbing to my neighbors at night, I’m not pleased with this flaw.

We are having same issue with on camera as well. The other two seem fine but one light will not remain off. I have the same situation where if I go live the light seems to stay off for a bit then it comes back after a while. I feel like we are blinding our neighbors. The fix recommendation by ring did not work. Ring. Please help!!

I am having the same problem. The lights worked fine for ages, but at night now won’t turn off, except for about one second, then straight back on. Tried adjusting all settings and setting lights to off, but no joy. They are not triggered by motion as the camera isn’t being triggered, just the lights.
I’m going to ask for a refund, because this is costing me money. If we all do the same, they might pay more attention to getting this fixed!

Also having the same issue

I’m having the same issue as well. This is frustrating as is annoying for the neighbors. I’ve changed the battery 3 hours ago go the battery is already down to 80%.

Same thing happening here and I’ve tried everything! Also many times the lights are on but don’t show they’re on in the ring app! So frustrating!!! Can’t get them off for more than a couple of seconds!