Ring Spotlight Wired Upload Data Usage

I have 5 Ring Spotlight Wired and a Ring Doorbell pro ready to install in my new house.

Online it says 2mbps upload is needed for each device which is a lot when have a small upload speed as there 12mbps for all!

Can I disable the cameras and doorbell to record during the day and only set the doorbell to record on motion or when pressed ?

Or let me know if I have got something wrong…


Hey @Kitkat9933. The devices need this 2 Mpbs upload and download at all times, even if the cameras are disabled through the Modes settings. Not having the right number for the speeds will result in the devices falling offline, not processing video well, or having a high RSSI. Since you will be having a lot of devices in the home, I recommend looking into updating your speeds to accommodate for this need, so that way you have no issues with your devices, whether they are functioning at that time or not.

If you’re unable to up your upload speeds or can get it as high at 12 Mpbs at all time, you may still have issues, as other devices in the home connected to the internet may need it as well. Feel free to check out our Help Center Article here, which talks about wifi in more depth and touches on RSSI, which is a value we use to measure signal strength.