Ring Spotlight Wired Cam Online but Shows Offline

Ring Spotlight Wired Outdoor Camera showing offline when it is actually connected and recording. I have 9 cameras in total and it is only occurring on this one. The iPhone and iPad apps show it completely offline, but it is not. It is connected to the WIFI network (verified using my router mesh software), and also when I log into Ring.com, it shows the current live view (with the offline icon on the picture). The iPhone and iPad apps show the timeline being recorded, but show device is offline. I turned off power and on several times but made no difference.

I was able to get the issue to be resolved following the solution at Ring doorbell shows offline but still records video and sends alerts - #4 by Marley_Ring

But this required me to put up extension ladder to get up to the camera that is mounted high to press the button on and off. I suppose this cleared up the faulty state it was stuck on even though it was connected and recording. Certainly not very convenient.