Ring Spotlight Solar Doesn't Record Past Pre-Roll

I’ve got three brand new Ring Spotlight Solar camera’s with dual batteries mounted on my front gutters. They all exhibit the same problem. I already replaced my router with a high end Asus mesh system with separate SSID’s for 2.4 and 5 ghz. Live view appears perfectly in 2 seconds with Rapid Ring.

What happens on playback on all three cameras is that it records the first 3-4 seconds of playback than freezes! Sometimes the motion of the person will start moving again after 20-30 seconds which makes it useless.

All of my cameras have RRSI’s of better than -60. I have advanced motion turned on (experimented with it off-same problem), recording length set to 120 seconds, batteries are at 90%+.

My internet is 1000 Mbps down 40 mbps up.

Does anyone have any ideas why all three cameras exhibit this same problem?

HI @Suburban-Fortress. Your network definitely sounds adequate for the Ring system you have. I would suggest making sure you are using the correct ports and protocols that are suggested for Ring cameras. Also, since you mentioned your RSSI is -60, try bringing the camera in the same room as the router to see if you still experience the delay in playback. This will let you know if your RSSI is a cause for concern. I hope this helps!