Ring spotlight pro wired and this accessory

I want to replace a Nest camera at my front door with a Spotlight Pro Wired when that product is released. The Nest camera mount is able to feed the power cable through a hole in the wall behind the mount and on the other side of the wall is an outlet that the Nest plugs into.

This product for the Floodlight Pro Wired looks like the right solution as long as the Spotlight Pro wired mount is the same as the Floodlight Pro Wired.

Hi @Ringwatcher. The Plug-In mount for Cams is specifically for the Floodlight Cam Wired Plus and Pro since these cams are designed to be installed on an existing junction box or existing outdoor wiring (110-240V). Once the Spotlight Cam Wired Pro is available on Ring.com, you should be able to see which accessories are compatible so you can determine what installation will work best for you.