Ring Spotlight Pro Camera extension cable

Hello, I Purchased a Ring Spotlight Pro camera (plugin) for my backyard but the ~20ft cable it comes with isn’t long enough to reach the outlet. What is the recommended way to solve this? I would think an extension cord, but everything i read online says not to use an extension cord for more than 1 - 2 days and shouldnt beba perminent solution. Ideally i want to run the cord along the fence and then in the ground for about 5 ft to the house (total ofb~30 ft, and run it through the block wall to plug into an outlet inside the house.

Does ring make an extension cable for this?

Can the usb c cable it comes with be directly buried in ground for 5 ft, or do i need conduit?

Would power over ethernet (PoE) work?

Is there some other lower voltage solution other than running a dedicated 120v line?

Thank you, i appreciate the advice!

Hi @user77184. I would not bury the USB C cable, as it is not rated for this. You may be able to use an extension cable, but this will depend on how it is sheltered from the elements. I suggest reaching out to a qualified electrician to develop a safe solution for you.