Ring spotlight plus lights turn on even when motion detection is off

Bought 4 spotlight plus cameras. When I’m at home, I don’t want alerts, recording or lights, so I set the motion detection off on all cameras in disarmed mdoe, but all 4 cameras still turn the lights on when they have their motion detection off. Is this expected behavior? . I only want light to turn on when motion detection of the cameras is ON

My friend has the previous spotlight cams and they only turn the lights on when the motion detection of the camera is on.

Hi @alexbll. You will also have to toggle off Motion-Activated Lights in your Light Settings for your Camera. Follow these steps to get to this setting:

  • Open the Ring app
  • Choose the menu button (three lines in the upper left corner).
  • Select your Camera
  • Tap Device Settings
  • Tap Light Settings

Let me know if disabling this worked for you.

Hello @Justin_Ring ,
I have the same issue with ring spotlight plus than @alexbll.
And when I toggle off Motion-Activated lights in lights settings, lights doesn’t work when I turn on motion detection
Is there a bug with those cam.
I didn’t experience that with my old ring spotlight cam
Could you help me ?

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