Ring Spotlight Not Switching To Second Battery


I have a Ring Spotlight with two batteries installed and no matter what I do, it will NOT switch to the second battery when the first one goes out. I have to manually bring it in and switch the battery and charge the other one which kind of defeats the purpose of having two in there. The second battery is fully charged and I have rebooted the cam through the app more than once. Anyone else have any suggestions because this is quite annoying and causing me to have to take down the camera way more than I wanted (which is why I bought the second battery in the first place).

Thanks for any help.

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Hi @user74373. The Spotlight Cam should swap to the second battery after the first has been depleted. Make sure both fully charged batteries are fully inserted in the battery hatch, and that there are no dirt or debris in the hatch. If this issue persists, it may be that one of the battery slots are not working correctly. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here to look into this further.

Thank you for the response. I have checked all of the things you mentioned and it still doesn’t switch over, even with the first battery at 0%. I have even tried swapping batteries and that didn’t work out either.

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