Ring Spotlight Camera No Live View

My Ring Spotlight Camera is unable to load live viewing. It either attempts to constantly load or it says it is unable to load live view. I have reset my ring spotlight camera, my phone(s), the app, tried rapid ring and reset that, verified my connection with the device and its signal strength, opened ports on my modem to allow connection, and reset my modem trying to fix this. The camera catches everything and notifies me (up until this morning when that stopped working too), but I cannot figure out how to fix live view that has worked in the past although it was sporadic at times. I sat on hold for over an hour yesterday waiting for advanced troubleshooting and was told they would call me back but have not heard back. This brings my total Ring call count for this issue to 3-4 calls with no help or answer. Has anyone run into this issue and/or what was the solution?

Thank you

@JJMorehead Has it ever worked or has it always been like this? What’s your RSSI value showing as for the spotlight cam in the app? Are you connected to the 2.4 or 5 ghz WiFi band, Ring devices work better on 2.4.

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My RSSI is 67 and has consistently been that or around that value. The camera is connected to the 2.4 connection. I am unsure if my camera can even connect to 5 as it does not even detect that type of connection.

Hi there, neighbors! When looking to optimize video connection, the best first step is to check wifi variables. Our Community post about RSSI helps to explain this signal further. Here is also our Community article with many steps for troubleshooting live view.

If the above article do not help to improve live view, try out the Rapid Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I stated that I have already tried the Rapid Ring application and that I have verified my signal strength multiple times on multiple devices. I have also verified this with customer service. Signal and app variations are not the issue. This is something strictly pertaining to live view and not connection strength.

Thank you