Ring Spotlight Camera - Motion Zone Depth

Is there a way in the app to set the motion zone depth like with Ring doorbell or Ring floodlight cameras? I only see a way to turn on/off any of the 3 motion zones.

Hey @rbartolu. When you say depth, are you talking about how “far” the camera can see out? The Spotlight Cam Battery should be able to see about 30 feet out when on the maximum settings. This is under the Motion Zones settings, and this depth of how far it will say it dependant on whatever you put the Min-Max slider at on the page after you see the option to turn the 3 zones on/off. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Yes, how far the camera can see. In the app when I go to the Camera settings and then Motion Settings and then Motion Zones, I simply have the option to turn on/off the 3 zones. Once I click continue I see a slider for Motion Sensitivity but that is it. Do I need to move the sensitivity to Max in order to get that 30 ft range? When I go back in after doing that I still only show the “blue” area under Motion Zones covering about 15 ft.

@rbartolu Yep, you’re right! You’ll need to move it all over to the Max in order to get that up to 30 ft kind of range. The blue arc does not measure how far out it is seeing, and we are looking to make improvements in the app so that this does not confuse our neighbors. Trust me, you’re not the first one to thing that! At this time, please disregard that blue arc, as it’s not a visual representation of how far it’s seeing out. Hope this helps clear it up for you! :slight_smile: